Laura DeLaCerda

Born in Oklahoma but raised in Colorado, Laura grew up moving around a lot. When she was 12 years old, she was adopted by her loving parents and settled in a small town on the eastern plains. Her graduating class was just 18 students! Laura always knew she wanted to do something bigger than just being from a small town.

While visiting a brother in Houston back in 2005, Laura fell in love with Texas. She knew she was made for the heat, and not the snowy winters. She moved to Houston in 2009 and lived there with her daughter. Laura bought her first house on the outskirts of Houston in 2011. She married her now husband (10 years and counting!) and had their first son together, then moved to San Antonio in 2013. Laura went to school for Esthetics and worked as a wax specialist. When she had her second son in 2016, she knew her family was complete.
Laura always had an interest in real estate. She found it exciting to check the market daily and see all the potential out there. With this motivation, she decided to finally take the leap into helping others find their dream home, investments, and all other real estate needs. Laura is very eager to get out there and make dreams come true.

In her free time, she is out and about with her 3 kiddos. Whether it be running them to football practices and games, or coaching her daughter’s volleyball team. She also plays volleyball on a co-ed team and does pottery for fun. Laura also loves to stay at home and binge watch movies with her husband, all while looking online to make sure she isn’t missing any housing opportunities! Call Laura today!