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logo-headerDespite the house crash of 2008 and its effects that lingered for a few years, in general homeowners produce gains with their properties over time. While some people are still “gun shy” about purchasing an investment property, others are now finding that the time is once again right for using investment properties for financial gain. It is important to think smart and to approach investment properties from a business angle in order to make your purchase lucrative and successful for your future. An investment property can offer residual income with the security of knowing that you hold a hard asset – but understanding how to buy, what to pay, and when to sell is vital.

Tight lending standards have increased since the housing crash, and it has made it more difficult for real estate purchasers to qualify for loans on investment properties. Therefore, it is imperative that you work with an experienced Realtor who can help you through the actual buying process. At Jadestone Real Estate, our investment real estate brokers offer the most current market research, specifically geared toward minimizing your risk while maximizing your profitability. We will help you consider investment properties that are within the growth market, will produce positive cash-flow, have appreciation potential, and are at or below fair market value. By understanding how to buy and what to pay, we will help to ensure that your purchase is worth your investment.

Knowing when to sell is also important when it comes to investment properties. While it is tempting to hold out for the biggest sell, it is often not the wisest thing to do. It is advised that investment property owners work from a realistic and straightforward strategy. Make a point to focus your attention on an achievable goal, and once you have met it (preferably within the first year) be ready to sell for a profit. Holding on to an investment property for too long will drain your resources, and leave you with the risk of bumping into another housing crash.

At Jadestone Real Estate, we want to partner with you in your investment property real estate goals. Our experience and knowledge will ensure that you get the most out of your San Antonio investment.

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