Laura Cisneros

Although not born in San Antonio, Laura’s been here over 35 years and in her heart it’s her hometown. After spending nearly two decades at USAA, she decided to venture out as an entrepreneur owning several businesses over the years. Her time at USAA taught her people skills and structure. Her time owning her companies taught her extreme discipline and how to make a business run successfully.

After continuously talking about going in to real estate year after year, she finally ran out of excuses why she hadn’t done it yet, and now is so excited to be here finally fulfilling her dream. Almost all real estate agents have access to the same databases. So what sets her apart? Laura believes it’s passion, and she’s passionate about real estate and making your experience in buying or selling your home the best it can possibly be!

In her free time, when her husband of 29 years is home from the oilfields, she’s spending time with him or else she’s running to New York City to spend time with their one and only daughter. When left alone, she’s hanging out with their six dogs and two cats, usually with a book in her hand, doing yoga or online just looking at houses!

Give her a call today to get started on your real estate journey!