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logo-headerAs a home buyer, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for in a new home. Yet, it is often just as important to know what you are willing to compromise on, and what you are not willing to compromise on.

Unless you have unlimited funds and are building a custom house, it is almost impossible to find “the perfect home.” That is not said to discourage you, but to give you a realistic expectation of the home buying process. Being able to compromise on the positives and negatives of a home is essential in finding a home that is right for you.

First things first: know exactly what you are not willing to settle on. So, if you know that you must have four bedrooms, it is simply unwise to look at a house with less than three. We say three because, often a larger room can either be shared or put to multi-use. However, settling for a two-bedroom home is something that would be unwise.

Know the location that you want to live, and start there. This is almost as important as knowing how many rooms you need, yet it is often an area in which people think they can compromise – and then regret it. Remember, you can remodel a home, but you cannot move it! If your commute is important to you, or a specific school district, or lot size – do not compromise in this area.

Unless you have a degree in home construction or the funds to pay for it, forgo the cute bungalow that has compromised structural integrity. Uneven floors, windows and/or doors that stick, cracks in the walls, water stains on the ceiling – all of these indicate that serious work needs to be done on a home in order for it to be structurally sound. Unless you have the time and money to fund a complete renovation, these are what the industry call, “deal killers.”

Of course, there are certain things that should be on your “willing to compromise” list such as room size, landscaping, cosmetic issues (e.g. carpet, paint, wall paper, light fixtures), and cleanliness. All of these can be remedied, therefore, having the ability to see past these deficiencies is important.

At Jadestone Real Estate, we want to help you find a home that is perfect for you. Of course, we will help you find the areas of needed compromise as well as help keep you from making a purchase that you may regret. Contact us today.

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