Is Now a Good Time To Sell?

Knowing when to sell your home can help it sell fast and help you get the most money out of your home. Right now is a great market for sellers. Limited inventory continues to drive home values up, and houses are continuing to sell at a fast rate.

Summer months provide longer days, and longer days provide more day-light hours for potential buyers to come view your home. Summer months also provide a more stress-free atmosphere, allowing people to feel more comfortable in the home buying process.

Mortgage rates are still low, and lower mortgage rates translate into lower monthly costs. These advantageous rates entice buyers into putting in offers that are good for sellers. It is also advantageous for sellers because home buyers who want to ensure that they close in on a good rate will hustle to close before a rate hike.

As stated before, inventory is low. If you can even vaguely remember supply and demand from Economics 101, then you know that when inventory shrinks, homes become more valuable. Those who want to sell their home have less competition on the market, boosting the advantage that their home will sell – and sell fast.

House prices are continuing to rise, which benefits the seller. Millions of Americans lost significant home value during the crash of 2007, either losing their homes or being forced to remain in their homes because they were upside down in their mortgage. Thanks to rising house prices, people are finally able to sell without suffering a loss. And many people are finally able to sell their homes with a decent amount of equity.

Like him or not, President Trump has caused significant growths in the job market. With jobs continuing to rise, confidence in the job market continues to rise. This increased confidence spurs buyers to jump into the house buying market, again helping sellers to get the best selling-price for their house.

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