Josh Smith

Josh is a realtor born here in beautiful San Antonio. Attending school for Studio/Live audio engineering and being a guitar player for over 15 years, he lives and breathes music. Working as a bellman in hotels for 10 years, customer service is #1 in his routine and you can be guaranteed that clients and their families will be put first to make sure you find the right forever home. Communication is his expertise both in the real estate world, as well as in normal day-to-day operations, not only will he help you in any way possible but you might find yourself a new friend as well.

He decided to start a real estate career due to his passion with wanting to help families find homes whether buying or selling, and make the process as easy and less stressful as possible.

In his spare time he recently found a new love for the gym and bike riding 4-5 days a week. You can catch him either on the Salado Creek Greenway or the McAllister Park bike trails often. He also still runs a home recording studio for music artists, musicians, podcasts, voice actors, anything under the sun in the audio world.