Kyle McNeil

Kyle McNeil is a conscientious realtor who emanates competency, honesty, and tenacity. His commitment to consistent communication and his warm, personalized approach with each client sets him apart from others realtors. Kyle says, “Buying or selling a home is exciting! It can also be stressful. My top priority as a realtor is to shoulder the burden so my clients can enjoy the experience.”

Kyle is a Michigan native and a proud US Navy veteran. Kyle took some good advice from a bumper sticker he once read and “got to Texas as soon as he could”. He and his wife Brittany live in San Antonio with their daughter, Berlyn and their Great Dane, Henry. They enjoy much that the city has to offer and have friends all over the greater San Antonio area.

As a realtor, Kyle knows that listening and asking the right questions are the keys to happy clients. He focuses on identifying specific needs and wants in order to be efficient and effective. He is committed to making buying and selling easy, enjoyable, and stress free.